LOCATOR Ultrasonic air leak detector

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Air leaks are a concern for anyone operating a compressed air system. The average plant will have air leaks that waste up to 30% of the total air capacity.

Leaks will cause compressors to run at full load for longer periods of time. The compressors will not only use more energy, but may also need additional maintenance due to the increased loads.

Leaks can give the false impression that additional compressors are required to meet the demand for compressed air.

The AIR-SAVER offers air loss prevention - the LOCATOR offers air loss detection!



Locates air leaks during working hours, no need to shut down production to carry out the leak audit.


Supplied in a case, ensuring all components are securely together.


Leaks will be detected from a distance (up to 33 ft.), no need for ladders etc.


Construction Hand held ABS housing
Circuitry SMT/Solid state hybrid heterodyne receiver, ultrasonic processor
Frequency Response 20 - 100 kHz.
Indicator 10 Segment leak indication LED bar
Power 9 volt alkaline battery (included)
Headset Yes
Response time 300 mille seconds
Ambient operating temp. 34 - 122 °F
Relative humidity 10 - 95%
California Proposition 65 See manual