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Pneumatically operated level sensed condensate drain

The NUFORS-CR removes condensate from compressed air systems without using electricity and without the unnecessary loss of compressed air.

The discharge process is automatic and is based on a 3/2 way level controlled valve principle that operates a piston type direct acting valve. The advantage of this valve principle is that the NUFORS-CR’s orifice can be 6 mm, offering an increased reliability factor.

The NUFORS-CR is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive or not reliable. The NUFORS-CR features a specially treated robust aluminium housing suitable for oil lubricated and oil-free applications.

In addition, the NUFORS-CR can be applied in applications that demand a higher IP rating (International Protection rating or Ingress Protection). The NUFORS-CR offers an IP68/NEMA6 rating.