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A timer drain discharges condensate from compressed air systems. The timer can be adjusted to discharge the condensate according to the specific needs of the compressed air system. The JORC range of timer drains is diverse and offers you drain solutions for pressures ranging from 0 to 500 bar. Multiple voltage options and valve material options are available.

Discover our Timer Drains Range

Why Use a Timer Drain?

Timer-controlled condensate drains incorporate a timer and drain valve used to discharge condensate from compressed air systems. The timer can be adjusted to discharge the condensate at programmable intervals. The valve is also set on how long it should remain open, depending on the specific needs of the compressed air system.

They are resistant to clogging when water, oil, and sediment are present in the condensate. Typically, timer drains are installed after separators, dryers, and filters, to collect and remove condensate from the compressed air system’s piping.

Timer-Controlled Condensate Drains by JORC

JORC timer-controlled drains can be used in compressed air applications where pressures range from 0 to 7250 PSI. Multiple voltage and valve material options are also available, making our timer drains suitable for your needs.

Models to Suit Your Application

JORC's wide range of timer-controlled drains can handle most compressed air applications that utilize compressors, receivers, filters, and refrigerated air dryers.

Easy to Install and Operate

  • Selected models equipped with a ball valve and a mesh strainer offer no need to use additional valves and strainers
  • Set-and-go “QUICKSET” models allow you to set the compressed air system’s pressure and capacity to automatically set the timer drain valve’s open and close intervals.
  • Compact-size models easily integrate into compressed air filters or small devices such as dental compressors.

Innovative Features

  • A test button to provide immediate verification of drain function, plus an LED on/off indicator
  • Programming options can be selected and activated via easy-to-use touch buttons - a bright digital display indicates the selected option.
  • Selected models offer a "fail safe" option that automatically opens during power failure or power shutdown. Ideal for compressed air systems that require a fail-safe solution.

Robust Construction

  • Designed for high-pressure and high-flow rates
  • Up to a 4,5 mm inlet handles high flow rates and solids in the condensate
  • Choose a brass or stainless steel body for resistance to hazardous materials
  • IP65/NEMA4-rated models for protection from dirt, washdowns, and corrosion.
  • The flagship TEC-44 model offers, a standard battery backup for power outage protection

Easy Maintenance

  • JORC timer drains benefit from an open valve design for easy access and maintenance
  • Most models feature a fully serviceable direct-acting valve


  • Model range for compressed air drain solutions for pressures ranging from 0 to 7250 PSI
  • Multiple voltage options are available


Reliable and economical, JORC timer-controlled condensate drains are suited for all applications that use compressed air. Our comprehensive and proven range provides efficient and accurate performance in a robust and versatile package.

We offer condensate drains, oil/water separators, and air-saving equipment to distributors, dealers, and OEMs in more than 100 countries. JORC Industrial is dedicated to setting the standard in helping its customers manage their condensate management requirements.