The Best Condensate Drain Solutions for Compressed Air Systems

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Level sensed drains remove condensate from compressed air systems without discharging unnecessary loss of costly compressed air. The JORC level sensing drain options include an electronic zero air loss drain including an alarm feature, a magnetic zero air loss drain specifically for filter applications whereby the drain does not require electricity to operate and a pneumatic operated level sensed drain that also does not require electricity to operate.

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Why use a Level Sensing Drain?

Level sensing drains are designed to remove condensation from compressed air systems without any unnecessary loss of costly compressed air.

Any compressed air system whether it is used in bottling, conveying, or vacuum packing, just to name a few, will accumulate condensate within its piping over time. This could lead to a depreciation of function, product, or the system itself.

The condensate needs to be discharged from the system safely and efficiently. The aim of level sensing drains is to nullify air loss and remove contaminants present in the condensate during discharge.

Unlike timer-based drains that open and close at specified time intervals, level sensing drains use internal sensors to determine condensate levels and choose the exact moment to discharge it.

Levels of condensate fluctuate in compressed air systems due to ambient atmospheric conditions and variations in system load. Level sensing drains prove to be the more reliable choice providing maximum service life for the system and the drain valve.

JORC Level Sensing Drains

JORC produces level sensing drains for virtually all types of compressed air applications. We offer a range of drains suitable for various applications, from compact models for limited spaces to larger ones for high capacity needs. We offer models for refrigerated dryers and filters up to 350 CFM as well as heavy-duty drains suitable for large capacity compressed air applications up to 17500 CFM. JORC level sensing drains are used to remove condensate separated liquid separators and are also installed under piston compressors to remove compressor lubricant.

Options to Suit Every Application

Whatever your compressed air application, JORC level sensing drains offer a multitude of models to make sure there’s one to fit your needs.


  • Non-electric, pneumatic piston driven direct acting valve
  • Magnet level sensor providing energy saving zero air loss operation without the need for a power source
  • A selection of AC and DC modules with various alarm options

Reliability and Accuracy

  • Electronic zero air loss drain including an alarm feature
  • Automatic level sensing operation
  • Selected models feature LED indicator light and automatic blockage detection
  • A test button to provide immediate verification of drain function

Innovation Built-In

  • Selected models include innovative features such as a remote alarm, a service interval warning and an anti-air-lock feature.
  • All programming options can be selected and activated via easy to use touch buttons - a digital display feature indicates the selected option.

Robust Construction

  • Robust aluminum enclosures suitable for oil lubricated and oil-free applications
  • Enclosures rated at IP65/NEMA4 water and dust resistance
  • Selected models feature an integrated mesh strainer, and an anti-blockage feature


  • Model range for compressed air applications from 350 to 17500 CFM
  • Electrically powered models offer 230VAC / 115VAC / 24VAC / 24VDC electric modules

Easy to Install and Maintain

All models have an externally mounted valve, a removable electronic module, and a removable top cover, making installation and maintenance quick and easy. The drain can be easily disassembled without disconnecting any pipe work.


For reliable, energy saving condensate removal for all applications that use compressed air, JORC offers a comprehensive and proven range of level sensor drains that provide efficient and accurate performance in a robust and versatile package.

We offer condensate drains, oil/water separators, and air-saving equipment to distributors, dealers, and OEM’s in more than 100 countries. JORC Industrial is dedicated to setting the standard in helping its customers manage their condensate management requirements.