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Compressed air condensate distributor

Large compressor systems might require two or more oil/water separators to be installed to match the total compressor capacity of an installation. To connect the oil/water separators together and to ensure an even distribution of condensate in to the oil/water separators, you require the DISTRIBUTOR. The DISTRIBUTOR ensures an equal distribution of the condensate in to the oil/water separators and the elements are subsequently saturated evenly.

The DISTRIBUTOR has two 1" condensate inlets and six 1/2" outlets with integrated ball valves, allowing you to connect two and up to six oil/water separators.

To service the DISTRIBUTOR simply loosen the 4 top screws and remove the lid. This will give you instant access to the inner working mechanism.

The depressurising chamber ensures compressed air condensate depressurisation and the subsequent distribution into the oil/water separators.



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