AIR-SAVER 1" Compressed air energy saver

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A typical compressed air system has air losses through pipe works connections and leaking float type drains etc. By installing an AIR-SAVER the end user will limit air losses. At the end of the working day the AIR-SAVER will close off the air flow and save the generated compressed air in the air receiver.

The AIR-SAVER is typically installed on the air outlet of the air receiver. Alternatively, it is applied in larger factories to close off certain parts of the compressed air system, where during certain parts of the day no compressed air is required.

The AIR-SAVER has proven its worth and saved millions CFM of compressed air around the world. The AIR-SAVER helps end-users save valuable compressed air from escaping unnecessarily, reducing compressor running hours and thus extending its lifetime, saving energy and operating costs.

A simple – yet exciting programming module!

The control module offers programming simplicity and exciting display features, offering you visual information and company branding options.


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The FLEX function allows you to adjust and set the valve’s opening and closing times, a very useful feature in overtime situations or shutdowns.

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The programming module displays important information such as the actual valve position and it also shows you when the AIR-SAVER weekly program is overruled, either manually or remotely switched. When remotely switched, the weekly program is overruled. In this case the display will change color (red) and additionally shows you a warning symbol and the text "REMOTELY SWITCHED".

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Multiple display colors offering you the possibility to select a display color that best matches your company’s house style (or even that of your customer)!


Min./max. system pressure 0 - 230 psi
Min./max. medium temperature 34 - 210 °F
Min./max. ambient temperature 34 - 120 °F
Supply voltage options 115 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Power consumption Approx. 7 W during cycle rotation
Enclosure protection rating NEMA13 (IP54)
Valve inlet/outlet connections 1" NPT
Valve opening/closing duration 30 sec. (90°)
Valve housing material Brass valve, nickel plated
Illuminated LCD display Indicating day, time, valve status, battery life
Battery type CR2032, 3 volt
Programmable options Week planner, max. 100 switching points, to be distributed over 1-7 days
Manual override Yes
Remote controllable Yes (optional)