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Our Aim

The JORC organisation is designed to ensure top quality compressed air condensate management products at the best possible cost, the fastest delivery and on time payments. No competitor gets even close to this simple formula.


In 1991, Marc and Joke de Bie founded JORC Industrial, in the garage of their home in Heerlen, the Netherlands. In 1997, Eugene and Diane White founded JORC Industrial LLC.

The ambition, determination, focus and company principles were laid down right from the start. The dedication to JORC customers is rooted in a deep sense of responsibility that is still shared today by all JORC colleagues. 

Today, through a combination of focus and ambitions, the company has grown into an independent global manufacturer and a specialist in compressed air condensate management products.


Sales Strategy

JORC's sales channels are through OEM's, distributors and dealers only. JORC does not sell to end users. Our policy ensures a clean line of supply from JORC to the end user, whereby the distribution network is not threatened by the manufacturer.

30 years

Customer Policy

Our policy is to exceed the expectations of our customers. Certain policy targets are:


Our products can be divided into the following categories:





Company movie

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