AIR-SAVER-LS Light Switch


The AIR-SAVER-LS (Light Switch) is controlled via an internal relay which is opened and closed by an external switch and connected to its own power supply. A typical installation example is to connect the AIR-SAVER-LS to a light switch. 

By switching the lights on in the production area the AIR-SAVER-LS will open automatically. The compressed air, which is saved in the air receiver, flows into the compressed air system and the compressor subsequently only kicks-in to build up the pressure in the system. At the end of the work-shift - when the lights are switched off - the AIR-SAVER-LS will close automatically.

Benefits are:
- A potential daily saving of at least one air receiver’s worth of compressed air.
- Compressor, dryer and filter activities are avoided during factory closing hours.
- No unnecessary compressor start-ups during periods when compressed air is not required.
- Reduced maintenance requirements and lower power consumption leads to considerable savings on service and energy costs.

The AIR-SAVER-LS is typically installed directly after the air receiver, but it can also be installed at the air inlet point to each department which uses compressed air.