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Magnetically operated zero air loss drain

The MAGY-UL uses specially selected magnets that operate the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly.

The discharge process of the MAGY-UL is automatic and there is no loss of compressed air during the condensate discharge cycle.

The specially selected magnets ensure a high operation consistency.

The MAGY-UL is easy to install and to service and can also remain hooked up to the filter while maintenance is being carried out (i.e. the drain does not need to be unthreaded from the filter).

JORC recommends to replace all unreliable filter (float) drains and to install the MAGY-UL. The MAGY-UL features a specially treated robust aluminium housing suitable for oil lubricated and oil-free applications.

The MAGY-UL is also available with a test feature. The test button offers the solution to check your MAGY-UL ensuring nothing is obstructing the orifice. It also allows you to depressurise the drain for those yearly maintenance moments.


NEW! MAGY-UL optionally available with test button!





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