Compressed Air Condensate Drains

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In the industrial sector, the air compressor condensate drain plays a pivotal role in maintaining the optimal performance of air compressors. Jorc, a global leader in condensate management solutions, offers a diverse range of condensate drains, each designed to meet the specific needs of compressed air systems, ensuring reliability, cost-effectiveness, and high performance.

Condensate Drains by Jorc

Jorc is renowned for providing top-quality condensate management products to compressed air systems distributors, dealers, and OEMs in over 100 countries. Dedicated to setting industry standards, Jorc is committed to helping customers manage their condensate management requirements efficiently and effectively, delivering products at the best possible cost and with the fastest delivery.

Timer Drains: Precision and Reliability

Jorc’s Timer Drains are designed to discharge condensate from compressed air systems accurately and reliably. These drains offer solutions for pressures ranging from 0 to 500 bar and come with multiple voltage and valve material options. The timer can be adjusted to discharge the condensate according to the specific needs of the compressed air system, making it resistant to clogging and suitable for various applications, including compressors, receivers, filters, and refrigerated air dryers.

Level Sensed Drains: Efficiency and Innovation

Jorc’s Level Sensed Drains are engineered to remove condensate without the unnecessary loss of costly compressed air. These drains operate without electricity and are designed to discharge condensate based on the level sensed, ensuring zero air loss and maximum service life for the system and the drain valve. They are suitable for a multitude of compressed air applications, ranging from compact models for limited spaces to larger ones for high-capacity needs.

Jorc Condensate Drains - Key Advantages and Features

Enhanced Efficiency:

Jorc condensate drains optimize the performance of industrial air compressors by ensuring timely condensate expulsion, preventing potential damage, and maintaining compressor efficiency.

Innovative Design:

Jorc offers innovative features such as a test button for immediate verification of drain function, LED on/off indicators, and programming options selectable via easy-to-use touch buttons.

Robust Construction:

Designed for high pressure and high flow rates, Jorc drains are built with robust materials, offering resistance to hazardous materials and protection from dirt, washdowns, and corrosion.


Jorc provides a versatile range of condensate drains suitable for various pressures and applications, with multiple voltage options available.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Jorc drains are user-friendly, easy to install, and maintain, with externally mounted valves, removable electronic modules, and top covers.


Jorc condensate drains stand out as the optimal solution for managing condensate in industrial air compressors. Whether it’s timer drains for precision and reliability or level-sensed drains for efficiency and innovation, Jorc offers a diverse portfolio to meet the specific needs of every compressed air system. By choosing Jorc, industries are not just selecting a product; they are opting for reliability, innovation, and the unparalleled expertise of a global leader in condensate management solutions.