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The JORC analogue and digital timers (D-LUX, FLUIDRAIN, EZ-1 and TEC-11) are produced to the highest standards. We apply two voltage protection element (IN and OUT) to ensure a long life protection against electrical power surges. Our timers are also purchased by other solenoid valve producers and mounted on their valves for all kinds of different applications besides condensate draining.

Solenoid Valve Timers Why are Timers Used on Solenoid Valves?

Special timers designed for solenoid valves are used to automatically open or close the valve by electrically triggering the solenoid.  All of our electronic solenoid valve timers feature LED indicators to indicate the valve status.

Solenoid valve timers can be used to control solenoid valves according to a desired schedule.

They can be set to an ON/OFF period when the valve is either open or closed. Solenoid valve timers can be scheduled to run on a cycle when the valve is set to be ON or OFF according to preset time intervals.


What are Solenoid Valves?

A solenoid valve is an electrically operated valve that can be switched ON or OFF, or rather change its state to open or closed, without the need for an operator to control the valve manually. Solenoid valves are used in hydraulic or pneumatic systems to control flow and pressure in various processes and applications. 

Solenoid valves are used in air dryers, condensate drains, and lubrication systems, just to name a few. They are smaller than motorized ball valves and operate quicker compared to other valve technologies. 

Why are Solenoid Valves Used?

Solenoid valves are used in applications where the flow and pressure of gas and liquid process media needs to be controlled. Simple ON/OFF valves control when there‚Äôs flow or no flow in the system. 

Some advanced solenoid valves are used to control flow and pressure depending on downstream components that require specific pressure or flow to maintain optimal operation.