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With the ever-growing awareness of the operating costs of a compressed air system, it is no wonder that the AIR-SAVER is benefitting from the global push to save energy and costs. 

The benefits of JORC’s zero air loss drains are complimented with an AIR-SAVER. What is the point of your customer investing into zero air loss drains (versus timer drains) only to then allow the content of his air receiver “evaporate” into thin air at the end ofeachday? 

Every compressed air system that is equipped with JORC’s zero air loss drains should be complemented with an AIR-SAVER to complete the installation. 

Here’s another thought

The stop-start feature in cars (love it or hate it) is a good example that makes you think about “why is my engine running when I am standing still at the traffic light”? 

The same logic goes for compressed air systems!