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Jorc Industrial is a distinguished global leader specializing in Air Compressor Condensate Management. It provides a vast array of advanced, tailor-made solutions designed to meet the multifaceted needs of the industrial sector. Every product under Jorc’s extensive catalog is meticulously developed, ensuring enduring reliability, superior efficiency, and unmatched durability. These characteristics make Jorc equipment the first choice for industries across the globe.

Master condensate management with Jorc!

We know that distributing compressed air and condensate management equipment comes with unique challenges. Making our partners successful is at the core of Jorc’s DNA and that’s why we focus on delivering quality and support throughout several key business areas. We offer:

Extensive and Diverse Product Portfolio

Jorc’s wide-ranging product portfolio reflects our comprehensive approach to condensate management. Our range of products includes Oil/Water Separators, Air Saving Products, Timer Drains, Level Sensed Drains, Timers, and Accessory Products.

Our products are ISO-certified and crafted with precision and care to elevate the performance and functionality of compressed air systems. This way, our solutions cater to a variety of industrial applications and deliver a superior price-quality ratio.

Expertise in the Field

Jorc is a recognized leader in Air Compressor Condensate Management, showcasing deep industry knowledge and experience. We leverage these assets to help our partners and their customers obtain the condensate management solutions that will perfectly fit their unique process needs.

Training and Support

Jorc likely provides training and support to its distributors, ensuring they are well-equipped to promote and sell the products, offering superior quality and reliability. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures a strong support system on all stages of the product lifecycle - from solution choice to post-purchase services.

Adjustable Branding

We understand the need for consistent compressed air system branding. That’s why we offer adjustable branding on all our products, so you can label it with your own brand to improve your customers’ branding experience.

Prompt Delivery & Flexibility

Jorc is known for its quick delivery, ensuring that distributors can maintain optimal stock levels and meet customer demands promptly. With a range of products, Jorc can cater to various industrial applications, making it easier for distributors to target a wider customer base.

Oil/Water Separators: A Shield for the Environment

Jorc’s Oil/Water Separators are essential tools for industries aiming to uphold stringent environmental standards. They proficiently minimize the oil content in condensate to permissible levels, ensuring environmentally safe disposal and averting ecological damage. The versatile SEPREMIUM and PURO-CT series provide effective and reliable separation solutions. They’re adaptable to a wide array of compressed air applications, ensuring industries can operate responsibly and sustainably. 


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Condensate Drains: Effective Condensate Management

Jorc, a global leader in condensate management solutions, offers a diverse range of condensate drains, each designed to meet the specific needs of compressed air systems, ensuring reliability, cost-effectiveness, and high performance.


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Air Saving Products: The Pinnacle of Efficiency

Jorc’s innovative AIR-SAVER and LOCATOR series are meticulously designed to minimize air losses in compressed air systems. These products are equipped with advanced programmable features, allowing alignment with work shifts and optimizing the overall efficiency of the systems. Thanks to this, users can achieve maximum productivity with minimum resource expenditure. 


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Timers: Synchronizing Precision and Consistency

Jorc’s diverse range of timers includes the sophisticated D-LUX, FLUIDRAIN, EZ-1, and TEC-11 series. Our timers are manufactured adhering to the highest quality standards. They are equipped with advanced voltage protection elements and offer versatility in controlling solenoid valves across various applications. 


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Accessory Products: Maximizing Product Life

Jorc’s wide range of accessory products includes strainers, adapters, service kits, and spare coils. Our accessories are chosen with utmost precision to augment the longevity and optimal performance of Jorc products. These accessories are designed to simplify servicing processes, making them quick and error-free. You can use them for the cost-effective rejuvenation of products, ensuring prolonged and efficient service life. 


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Commitment to Excellence and Reliability

Jorc is known in the market for our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality compressed air condensate management products. Our competitive prices, coupled with prompt delivery and reliable services, have earned the trust and loyalty of clients worldwide. We earned our reputation as a leader in the industry by dedication to quality, innovation, and reliability.

Jorc Industrial stands out as a comprehensive provider of solutions for condensate management and air compressor condensate management. By choosing Jorc, industries are not only opting for products; they are aligning with a legacy of quality, and innovation. Our profound expertise in condensate management solutions ensures the optimal performance, environmental compliance, and superior operational efficiency of compressed air systems.

For more detailed insights and to explore Jorc’s extensive and diverse product range, please visit Jorc Official Website.