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After the oily condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system by a reliable JORC drain, it should not be discharged into the foul sewer without first having the oil content reduced to within legal disposal limits. It makes financial sense to separate the oil from the condensate prior to the waste is disposed. JORC’s SEPREMIUM Oil/Water Separators are a reliable, effective, efficient and above all an environmental solution.


Why Use an Oil/Water Separator?

Throughout their lifecycle, oil-injected air compressors produce a significant amount of an oily residue as a by-product. It is composed of water condensate contaminated by oil which is used to lubricate the compressor's internal components. To prevent damage to air compressors and related equipment, this oily water condensate is removed from the compressed air system by specifically designed drains. 

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But that’s not the end of the story. This oily condensate cannot be simply ejected into the sewer system as it will contaminate rivers, lakes, oceans. 

To meet clean water local and federal regulations, the oil content of the condensate needs to be reduced to within legal disposal limits. This is where the importance of the Oil/Water Separator comes in.

An Oil/Water Separator is used to remove the oil from condensate produced by oil-injected compressors before it is flushed into the sewer.

JORC PREMIUM Oil/Water Separators Help You Avoid Harming the Environment and Costly Fines

Regulations geared at environmental protection are becoming more stringent globally. In most locales around the world, oil/water separators have become mandatory for compressed air applications. Not using an oil/water separator with air compressors not only damages compressed air system equipment and efficiency, but can also result in costly fines.

JORC’s PREMIUM Oil/Water Separators are a reliable, effective, efficient and above all an indispensable environmental solution.


Fit for All Compressed Air Applications

JORC family of oil/water separators can tackle a wide range of compressed air applications. From small applications with a low condensate flow (up to 70 CFM) to large compressed air systems with a flow of up to 2500 CFM, there’s a JORC oil/water separator that’s right for you. 

JORC oil/water separators offer a simple and cost effective way to meet environmental regulations for condensate disposal. They deliver efficiently effective oil condensate separation performance, regardless of the type of lubricant or drains you use. Our separators use high performance filtration elements such as specially treated polypropylene and a carbon polisher for reliable condensate separation performance.

Our larger oil/water separators are easy to maintain and install. They offer brass connections for easy connection and maintenance, and are compatible with virtually all drain systems.


The SEPREMIUM series is our most popular range of oil/water separators. SEPREMIUM oil/water separators use oil adsorbing elements that combine the latest adsorption technologies. SEPREMIUM models are oil/water separatorsthat offer flow rates from 70 to 2500 CFM.


Widely used in the industry, JORC’s PURO-CT series water/oil separators offer a proven, simpler design, delivering an economical choice for your condensate separation needs. These two-stage separators feature flow rates from 125 to 600 CFM.

Useful Features

  • a visual element life indicator
  • an overflow indicator to avoid messy spills
  • compatible with virtually all drain systems
  • brass valves at each tower for easy routine servicing and cleaning
  • no need for a settling tank

Parts and Accessories

At Jorc, we also carry proven and indispensable parts and accessories, including:

  • Distributors to connect multiple oil separators and distribute the condensate equally.
  • Service Packs that contain element fibres that have been specially selected and treated to maximise supreme adsorbing performance.
  • Carbon Elements, packaged in JORC’s high quality nettings and fillings.
  • Condensate Test Kits; an in-house laboratory test kit to analyse the output and determine the success rate of your oil/water separators.