SEPREMIUM 70 Oil/water separator

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Specifically designed for smaller compressed air applications (up to 70 CFM) with a low condensate flow, the SEPREMIUM 70 oil/water separator is a simple and cost effective way to meet environmental regulations for condensate disposal.

With an advanced polypropylene adsorbent media, the SEPREMIUM 70 can separate virtually any condensate containing any compressor lubricant discharged from any type of condensate drain, and it does so without the need for a condensate settling tank or storage chamber.

Simply mount it to the wall, connect the inlet and outlet and enjoy the benefits of clean condensate. When it's full of oil - just replace it. 



Test feature, offering you routine sampling of the output status.


Quick and easy to service, offering you a clean exchange during maintenance activities.


Very small footprint, offering you installation flexibility.


Max. compressor capacity 70 CFM
Max. oil adsorption in the elements 0.5 gallon
High performance white element 1
Activated carbon element 1
Inlet connection 1/2"
Outlet connection 1/2"
TEST valve Yes
Housing material ABS
Housing colour Black
Lid colour Grey
TEST kit included Yes
Target oil residue output value <10 ppm
Inlet and outlet hose pipe connectors Included
Mineral lubricants Yes
Synthetic lubricants Yes
Stabile condensate emulsions Special elements required
Polyglycol Special elements required
California Proposition 65 See manual