SMART-GUARD-MINI-AL Electronic condensate drain with alarm

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The SMART-GUARD-MINI-AL is an electronic zero air loss drain with an alarm feature (potential free relay), suitable for applications up to 350 CFM (compressor capacity). The alarm contact options are: U1 (Normally open contact) or U2 (Normally closed contact).

This exceptionally versatile and compact drain is available as a stock item in multiple voltage options, offering a pressure range from 0 to 230 psi and only weighs one lbs.

With features such as a test button, LED indication and automatic blockage detection, this energy saving electronic drain is the optimum choice for reliable, condensate removal when space is limited (overall height only 2,9”).

 To simplify the installation in restrictive height conditions, the side-inlet adapter is a useful tool.

The SMART-GUARD-MINI-AL’s incredible compact size is a real benefit in applications such as refrigerated dryers and filters.



Alarm contact options N/O or N/C.


Incredibly compact.


Large protective integrated mesh filter.


Max. compressor capacity 350 CFM
Max. drainage capacity 12 gallons condensate per hour at 230 psi
Pressure range 0 - 230 psi
Min./max. medium temperature 34 - 122 °F
Min./max. ambient temperature 34 - 122 °F
Supply voltage options 230VAC / 115VAC / 24VAC / 24VDC
Environmental protection NEMA4 (IP65)
Connector (power and alarm) DIN 43650-B
Inlet connection 1/2" (NPT or BSP)
Inlet height 2,9"
Side inlet adapter Yes, optional
Outlet connection 1/4" BSP, with brass hose barb adapter
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve orifice 2 mm
Valve seals FPM
Serviceable valve Yes
Integrated mesh strainer Yes
Housing material Corrosion resistant aluminium, EP coating
TEST feature Yes
Visual alarm Yes, LED indication
Alarm feature type U1/U2 Alarm output contact (potential free relay).
U1 (N/O) = Normally Open contact, closed when in alarm phase.
U2 (N/C) = Normally Closed contact, open when in alarm phase.
Alarm specifications Max. 230VAC, max 4A, 1000VA
or 200VDC, 100W and min 5VC, 100mA