NUFORS-XF Pneumatically operated condensate drain

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The NUFORS-XF removes all types of condensate from large capacity compressed air applications up to 17500 CFM, without using electricity and without the unnecessary loss of compressed air. The NUFORS-XF has an exceptional large condensate discharge capacity of 1260 gallons condensate per hour at 230 psi.

The discharge process is automatic and is based on a 3/2 way level controlled valve principle that operates a piston type direct acting valve. 

The NUFORS-XF is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive or not reliable.

In addition, the NUFORS-XF can be applied in applications that demand a higher enclosure protection rating. The NUFORS-XF offers an NEMA 6/IP68 rating.



Three inlet options for easy installation


TEST button feature for routine testing


The NUFORS-XF on its optionally available mounting bracket


Max. compressor capacity 17500 CFM guideline only
Max. drainage capacity 1260 gallons per hour at 230 psi
Min./max. system pressure 44 - 230 psi
Min./max. medium temperature 34 - 122 °F
Min./max. ambient temperature 34 - 122 °F
Enclosure protection rating NEMA 6 (IP68)
Inlet connection 3/4" NPT, 3 inlet options
Inlet height 5.9" (top), 5.2" and 0.7" (side)
Outlet connection 3/4", with brass hose barb adapter
Valve type Direct acting
Valve orifice 12 mm
Valve seals FPM
Serviceable valve Yes
Housing material Corrosion resistant aluminium, EP coating
Test Feature Yes