MAG-11 Magnetically operated zero air loss drain

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The MAG-11 is the optimum choice in compact energy saving condensate drains, typically installed in (refrigerated) dryers and under piston compressors.

Unlike timer or electronic drains, which require electricity to operate, the MAG-11 operates using a magnet level sensor providing energy saving zero air loss operation without the need for a power source.

Perfectly suited for coolers, refrigerated dryers, liquid separators and piston compressors, the MAG-11 uses a magnetically operated 2/2-way direct acting valve assembly, discharging the condensate from your compressed air system without losing any of your valuable compressed air.

The MAG-11 meets the demand of virtually any application, regardless of the condensate flow. It fits in any application, regardless of size, without any set up or adjustment.

The MAG-11 is also available with a test feature. The test button offers the solution to check your MAG-11 ensuring nothing is obstructing the orifice. It also allows you to depressurize the drain for those yearly maintenance moments.

NEW! MAG-11 optionally available with test button!


MAG-11  1

MAG-11 optionally available with test button.

MAG-11  2

Two inlet options.

MAG-11  3

Direct acting valve, for a reliable discharge.


Maximum filter capacity Unlimited
Maximum drainage capacity 38 gallons per hour at 230 psi (16 bar)
145 liters per hour at 230 psi (16 bar)
Pressure range 0 - 230 PSI (0 - 16 bar)
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve seals FPM
Inlet connections 1/2″ NPT (2*)
Outlet connection 1/8″ with hose pipe connector
Inlet height 3.9"
Medium temperature 34 - 122 °F
Ambient temperature 34 - 122 °F
Serviceable valve Yes
Environmental protection NEMA6 (IP68)
Housing material Corrosion resistant aluminium, EP coating
Test feature Optionally available
California Proposition 65 See manual