AIR-SAVER-LS 2" Compressed air energy saver

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The AIR-SAVER-LS helps end-users to save valuable compressed air from escaping unnecessarily, reducing compressor running hours and thus extending its lifetime, saving energy and operating costs.

The AIR-SAVER-LS 2" (Light Switch) is installed in the compressed air line after the air receiver. The AIR-SAVER-LS 2" is controlled via an internal relay which is connected to an external switch and separate power supply.

A typical installation example is to connect the AIR-SAVER-LS to a light switch. By switching on the lights in the production area, the AIR-SAVER-LS will subsequently open. The saved compressed air flows into the factory compressed air line and the compressor kicks in to produce the air needed to fill the system. At the end of the work-shift you switch off the light(s) and the AIR-SAVER-LS will close accordingly.

The AIR-SAVER is also available as a time controlled option with a week programming feature. This version allows you to set the open and closed position according to customer specific demands. For more information click here      AIR-SAVER



A typical installation of an AIR-SAVER-LS connected to a light switch.


Manual valve opening and closing possible, in case of a power failure.


Min./Max. system pressure 0 - 230 psi
Min./Max. medium temperature 34 - 210 °F
Min./Max. ambient temperature 34 - 120 °F
Supply voltage options 115 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60Hz.
Power consumption Approx. 9W during cycle rotation
Enclosure protection rating NEMA13 (IP54)
Relay switch 115 VAC or 230 VAC
Valve inlet/outlet connections 2" NPT
Valve opening/closing duration 105 sec. (90°)
Valve housing material Brass valve, nickel plated
Manual override Yes
California proposition 65 See manual