Certification DIBt


Following the certification of the SEPREMIUM 175-2500 to the DIBt’s newest standards, we are proud to announce another successful certification. The SEPREMIUM 70, the  SEPREMIUM 130 and the PURO-CT range of  oil/water separators are now also certified according to the newest DIBt standards.

The newest stringent DIBt test and evaluation protocol is a real test for oil/water separators. The protocol is designed to evaluate oil/water separators and their separating capacity with complex new compressor lubricants.

The SEPREMIUM and PURO-CT range of oil/water separators are currently the only oil/water separator ranges that has successfully achieved this new status. This recognition mainly serves our German customers but it also confirms JORC’s claim that the SEPREMIUM and PURO-CT range of oil/water separators really do successfully separate all known compressor lubricants from the condensate.

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) is an authority of the German governmental districts for a uniform fulfilment of technical tasks in the field of public law.
Key DIBT tasks are:
- National technical approvals;
- Technical building rules;
- Testing laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies;
- Registration of energy certificates.