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Another product is brought from concept to market!

This time we are filling a gap in our offering for the large capacity applications. To give you an idea, the NUFORS-XF condensate discharge capacity is a whopping 1260 gal/h (21 gal/m).*

Key features of the NUFORS-XF are:

  • level-sensing drain technology,
  • no unnecessary loss of compressed air,
  • no electricity required, install and go!
  • an exceptionally large 12 mm valve orifice, JORC’s direct acting valve design!
  • three 3/4" inlet options, offering installation flexibility,
  • easy access to the valve - offering a quick and simple cleaning procedure.

Free yourself from competitive drains that have diaphragm type valve constructions or pneumatic valve constructions that have complicated installation procedures (balancing lines,air supply lines etc.).

Experience the robust, simple to install, reliable NUFORS range that offers a level sensing draining solution and does not require electricity to operate.

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*At 230 psi