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Electronic zero air loss drain

The SMART-GUARD-D-LUX zero air loss condensate drain provides effective and efficient condensate removal while saving you time and money.

This comprehensive high-end condensate draining solution offers innovative features like a remote alarm contact, service interval warning and an anti-air-lock feature. All programming options can be easily selected and activated by using the touch buttons. The digital display feature indicates the selected option.

A robust 2/2-way capacitive level sensor operates a direct acting valve to discharge condensate without losing any valuable compressed air. An integrated mesh strainer protects the valve from blockage and alarm contacts provide remote, real time indication of drain function.

For quick and easy installation and maintenance, all models include a six foot power cord and feature a removable electronic module and top cover, allowing you to disassemble the drain without disconnecting any pipe work.

The SMART-GUARD-D-LUX meets the demand of virtually any application, covering all compressed air systems up to 3500 CFM.  

The 115VAC version of this drain is supplied with a 6 ft. power cord with plug and the 230VAC version is supplied with a 7 ft. power cord.




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