(SE)PREMIUM Oil/Water separation


Our research and development team is in constant contact with compressor lubrication producers and compressor manufacturers. We do our best to update ourselves on new developments concerning compressor lubrication. Based on this information we are able to develop our oil/water separator elements to meet the separating performance that you expect.

The clever lubricant adsorbing elements of the SEPREMIUM are designed to perform in the widest range of applications. The chosen element fibres have been specially selected and treated to maximise the supreme adsorbing performance.

We designed the SEPREMIUM’s elements in a multi-stage configuration, offering an increased filtration efficiency and easy servicing procedures.

One of the health and safety benefits of splitting the filtration packs in to three elements is that the maximum weight per element is drastically reduced. This is particularly interesting for service engineers when replacing the adsorbed (saturated) elements.

Ergonomic and generally accepted lifting weights per person (maximum 50.5 lbs, in the Netherlands) were taken into account during the R&D of the elements.

Perhaps you wish to make sure that when your service engineers are servicing (replacing) elements of oil/water separators they do not exceed these lifting weights.

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