LOCATOR-EV Air leak detector


The LOCATOR-EV is a light and easy to operate ultra-sound leak detector. It reliably and accurately detects air leakages from distances up to 30 ft., even during operating hours in a noisy factory.

Air leaks are a concern for anyone operating a compressed air system. The average plant (with no formal leak management program) will have air leaks that can waste up to 30% of the generated compressed air.

How it works:
An air leak creates turbulence or friction which produces high frequency ultrasonic waves which are normally higher than 20kHz. This typically exceeds the range of human hearing levels, especially in a noisy environment, like a factory.

The ultrasonic waves travel in air and are highly directional. This directional aspect allows the LOCATOR-EV to isolate the ultrasonic sound amongst other external factory sounds.

Just point the LOCATOR-EV to your compressed air system pipework and the LOCATOR-EV will prove very effective and efficient in locating your air leaks.

Using the LOCATOR-EV will help you:


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